Welcome! We are pleased you have chosen Southeastern Surgery Center.

The staff serving you is professionally trained to provide compassionate, quality care at the lowest possible cost.

Upon your arrival at Southeastern Surgery Center, please report to the reception desk located in the lobby. Following your registration, you will be escorted to the patient care area where a nurse will assist you in preparing for your procedure.

We encourage you to ask questions and let the staff know about any special needs you may have. We want your visit to be as comfortable as possible.

Prior To Your Visit

  • Please bring a list of all current medications and allergies with you for every visit at Southeastern Surgery Center.

  • You may eat and drink as usual.

  • If you smoke, do not do so after midnight.

  • Notify your doctor if you develop any signs of illness such as a cold or infection before the
    date of your procedure.

  • Consent for your procedure must be signed before any medication can be given and before the procedure may start.

  • You will be able to drive after your procedure.

  • Please limit the number of relatives and friends accompanying you. Maximum: 2.

  • All valuables should be left at home.

Post Procedure Reminders

  • We would like to give you some general rules to supplement the instructions you will receive from your doctor. Your surgeon will authorize your discharge from Southeastern Surgery Center.

  • Follow the doctor's instructions regarding diet, rest and medication.

  • Our staff will call to check on you the business day following your procedure.

  • In the event of any difficulty, you should call your doctor at 850-309-0400.

  • If you are unable to reach your doctor, and you have a true emergency, please go to your local hospital emergency room.

  • If you have any questions about your facility charges, please do not hesitate to call Southeastern Surgery Center.

Our staff will call the day before between 2-4 p.m. and give you your arrival times. Please call 878-9992 if you have any questions.


You will receive at least two bills for this procedure:

  1. Physician Charge - Southeastern Urological Center, P.A.

  2. Facility Charge ≠ Southeastern Surgery Center

You may receive up to two additional bills for this procedure:

  1. Pathology Chorge - Pathology Associates, P.A

  2. Laboratory Charge - Lab Corp or Quest Laboratories

If you have any questions, please call our Financial Counselor at 850-878-9992.